3 Experts Long Distance Runners Should See

Running is an excellent way to stay in shape and release stress. There are many benefits to pounding the pavement and more and more Americans are running each year. In fact, more than 19 million Americans run at least 100 days a year and more than 50 million run at least once a year. Many runners choose to only run a few miles at a time, but some train for long distances. Marathon runners and ultra-marathon runners take this hobby a step further. Read More 

Getting Rid Of Those Work-Induced Headaches

If you find yourself frequently with a headache at the end of your shift, you may be experiencing a repetitive motion strain in your neck. Tense muscles are the cause. Your local chiropractic care center offers non-invasive treatments on an outpatient basis to give you relief. Here is what is causing your pain and how a chiropractor can help. Repetitive Motion Injuries Holding your head and neck in one position for long periods puts stress on muscles. Read More 

Rare Skin Conditions: Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Many people think of dermatologists as medical professionals who largely take care of people's cosmetic skincare needs, like acne or wrinkles. But when you consider that the skin is the human body's largest organ, it is easy to see that dermatologists are tasked with taking care of way more than just superficial needs.  As the skin serves as the body's coat, protecting the internal organs and skeletal system, it can become susceptible to many ailments over the years. Read More 

Dentures Or Dental Implants: Which Solution Is Right For You?

Restoring your smile through the use of dentures or dental implants can help boost your confidence and improve your quality of life. Choosing the right option requires a combination of your personal preferences and your oral health status. Your dentist can help guide you in the decision-making process so you can be sure you choose the right option for your needs and comfort level. Here are a few things to consider before you choose between dentures and dental implants. Read More 

Breast Enhancement Questions And Answers

A breast enhancement is a surgical procedure designed to increase the shape and size of one's breast or breasts. This procedure is considered cosmetic, but there can also be medical reasons to have it performed as well. If you're considering getting a breast enhancement, here are some questions and answers to help you make an informed decision about how to proceed. Who Is A Good Candidate For Breast Enhancement? The following people typically want or need this type of surgery for the following reasons: Read More