Improving Your Rest With Sleep Medicine

Roughly 70 million people have some form of a sleep problem. If you're an insomniac that is looking for some relief, sleep medicine is an important tool to have at your disposal. When you are underslept, you are not able to be your best self. You won't be able to focus as much each day, and you will begin experiencing some unwanted health effects. In this article, you will get to know more about sleep medicine. Read More 

Signs That Your Loved One May Be Struggling With Opiate Addiction

Opiates are often prescribed as short-term pain relievers, and they are very effective for this purpose. However, they do have a dark downside: they're addicting. Many people develop an opiate addiction that begins when they are prescribed these medications and continues when they keep seeking the pills on the street even after their prescription has run out. Since there is still a lot of stigma surrounding opiate addiction, addicts are often quiet and secretive about their problems. Read More 

Dealing With Separation Anxiety

It is normal for a child to experience some degree of anxiety while growing up. Daily pressures, the formation of relationships, and the uncertainty associated with a particular social activity can contribute to feelings of unrest. When anxiety becomes more prominent and seems to be associated with not wanting to leave home or being fearful of not seeing a loved one again, separation anxiety may be an emotional issue that is hindering your child's performance. Read More 

How Alzheimer’s Care Centers Are Designed For Patient Comfort

Memory care centers are often the preferred place for elderly folks with dementia, Alzheimer's, and other memory disorders to live. This is largely because these facilities employ nurses, doctors, and therapists who are specially trained to treat and care for patients with these conditions. However, Alzheimer's care centers are also physically designed to be both safe and comfortable for residents. Here are a few of the design elements you tend to see in such facilities. Read More 

What To Expect From Tommy John Surgery

Tears in the collateral ligament of your elbow can be really painful and debilitating. While these tears sometimes heal on their own with months of physical therapy, cortisone injections, and rest, the prognosis is not that great, and most orthopedic surgeons recommend surgery for this ailment. The surgical approach used is colloquially called Tommy John surgery since it was famously performed on pitcher Tommy John. Its formal name is "ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction. Read More