Tooth Replacement 101: Get To Know Your Options

You have been walking around for years with missing teeth thinking that there are no viable options for you. Every new social interaction is filled with self-doubt and worry that your smile is being judged and under scrutiny, and you may have resolved yourself to the fact that this is how it will always be. However, thanks to major advances in cosmetic dentistry over the years, this does not have to be the case. There are several permanent options available to you to replace those missing teeth and get you the perfect smile you have always wanted. All you need to do is weigh your choices and contact a dentist in your area as soon as possible to get started.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are the cheapest permanent tooth replacement option available.  In order to be eligible for dental bridges, you need to have healthy teeth on either side of the gap where you are missing teeth.

These immediately adjacent healthy teeth are filed down to provide the anchors for your new replacement teeth. Your new ceramic teeth are suspended across the gap and you are good to go.

The biggest issue with dental bridges stems from the process of filing down your otherwise healthy teeth. This is an irreversible process and leaves your teeth susceptible to infection. You will also be increasing your risk of needing a root canal in the future.

You also need to be careful to thoroughly clean dental bridgework. Food particles and bacteria can easily get lodged in cracks and crevices between the bridge and your gums and existing teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are by far the most popular and most realistic tooth replacement option on the market today. This is due to the basic structure of dental implants.

You start out with a small screw-like implant that is surgically inserted directly into your jawbone. This exactly mimics the structure and function of the root of your real teeth.

On top of this is a smooth, rounded piece of metal known as an abutment that extends to the line of your gums. Ceramic dental crowns are then fitted and attached to the abutments completing the dental implants.

Because this replacement option mimics both the internal and external structure of teeth, it is exceptionally similar to your real teeth, and requires similar maintenance. You simply need to brush and floss regularly and thoroughly.

You could also invest in a small nylon-coated bristle brush to clean the abutment and the area around it. This will help prevent any potential gum disease that could develop in the area.

Now that you know your permanent tooth replacement options, you can stop living a life filled with self-doubt and social anxiety. Choose the best option for you, contact a dentist, and get the smile of your dreams in no time. For more information, contact a clinic such as Red Cliffs Dental.