What Are Your Burning, Aching, Or Swollen Feet Trying To Tell You?

Tired, achy feet are not uncommon, and most of the time there is no cause for concern. But, if you constantly have uncomfortable foot problems, like burning, aching, or swelling, your problems could be a red flag, alerting you to a potential health problem. It is important to know what your feet may be trying to tell you. 

1: Got A Hot Foot?

If you have a burning sensation in your feet, there may be an underlying nerve problem. You may have neuropathy, which is a dysfunction of the nerves in the body. So, what causes neuropathy? There are a few potential causes. 

  • Diabetes
  • Medication side effects
  • Vitamin deficiency

In some cases, your doctor may not find a cause. This is known as idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. However, your doctor can still prescribe medication to decrease the burning sensation in your feet. Your doctor can also look for other potential causes.

2: Suffer With Aching Feet?

It is not unusual for your feet to ache after a long day walking or standing in ill-fitting shoes or after participating in high-impact sports, like basketball or jogging. However, if you suffer from painful or aching feet daily, those achy dogs might be trying to tell you something. 

For women who wear high-heel shoes everyday, the problem may be a small crack in a bone or a stress fracture. If so, this could be due to osteoporosis, which weakens bones, making them prone to breakage. Your podiatrist can examine your feet and x-ray them to check for stress fractures. He or she may recommend you see your family doctor to discuss further testing to determine if you do indeed have osteoporosis, so you can begin treatment.

3: Got Puffy Pillow Feet? 

Swollen feet are uncomfortable, but the swelling is usually just a temporary nuisance caused by standing too long. Swollen feet are common among pregnant women as well. However, if your feet are constantly swelling, they may be alerting you to a serious health problem. The swelling can be due to circulation problems, lymphatic system problems, or even a blood clot. An under-active thyroid and kidney problems are two other possible causes of foot swelling.

If swelling is a persistent problem, you should schedule an exam with your family doctor to run tests and determine the cause. 

Most of the time, issues with the feet are due to the stress they are under each day. If you have foot problems, you can always see your podiatrist first. If he or she feels that there may some underlying health problem causing your symptoms, the foot doctor (such as one at Advanced Foot Clinic) will recommend that you schedule a visit with your family doctor.