Treat Your Pain Naturally For Your And Your Family’s Sake

When you suffer from chronic back pain, your whole world changes. It affects your work, your sleep, your mood, and even your ability to go out and do the things you used to take for granted. You may not realize it affects more than just you; it affects your whole family. From missed school events to missed opportunities to interact with your kids on a physical level to being short-tempered, your pain is going to have an impact on the lives of those you care about the most. You owe it to them, and to yourself, to try every available remedy for your pain before you turn to long-term narcotics. They can make your moods even more volatile when don't do anything to fix the underlying problem. Here are some back pain options that are natural, non-surgical, and narcotic-free.

Chiropractic Care

Each chiropractor, like at Dorchester Chiropractic Inc, will have a different approach to your treatment. Some prefer hands-on adjustments where others use a more mechanical approach. After the doctor assesses your situation, he will come up with a specific plan of treatment just for you. This could include cold or warm therapy, adjustments, exercises, and even a prescription for muscle relaxers if called for.

Decompression Treatments

This therapy is still considered "experimental" by many insurance companies, but it is getting very favorable results. It is usually offered by chiropractors in addition to standard treatments. This is actually a machine-based therapy that gently pulls your vertebrae apart at just the right location, causing a negative pressure situation inside the disk itself. This allows inflammation and herniated materials to be pulled back into the disk. It can take 15 to 20 treatments, but patients are claiming that their pain is reduced after just a few sessions. Your chiropractor can tell you more and help your decide if it is right for you.


While some treatment fads come and go quickly, acupuncture has actually been used for many centuries by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It's only in more recent history that it has been accepted by Western doctors as a treatment for pain and relaxation after surgery. The basic premise is that energy, or qi, flows in a pattern in your body, and problems result from the disruption of this energy flow. By inserting needles in specific locations, TCM claims to be able to correct the flow and reduce inflammation and pain.

Your treatment may consist of any of these practices or a combination of them working in concert. As with anything that affects your body, make sure your practitioner is highly trained and comes well recommended. This is your life and the well-being of your family you are dealing with, so caution is definitely called for. With careful treatment, you are sure to be on the road to recovery in no time.