3 Things You Can Do To Help Your Aging Loved One Feel More Comfortable

If you have an aging loved one you might be worried about their comfort and their safety. Many people choose to let their loved one live at home, with the help of senior home care services. This is a great way to still allow the individual their freedom, by being in their own house, but making sure that they have the help they need. Here are a couple things family can do to help the aging individual be more comfortable.

1. Help With The Care

Even though you have hired help to take care of your loved one, this doesn't mean that you should allow them to do everything. As your aging loved one gets to know their caregivers, they might feel worried or uncomfortable about being home with a stranger. This is why it is helpful if a family member can be there for the first little bit as the caregiver and the individual get to know each other.

Don't be afraid to help with the care as well. You can help to make meals, take care of physical needs and just be a friend. This will help your loved one feel more comfortable.

2. Talk Often With Your Loved One

Elder abuse happens, and it happens more often than people think. One of the best things you can do to prevent elder abuse is talk to your loved one often about how they are doing. If they share information about mistreatment, take it seriously. You might need to report it to the adult protective services (APS). They can do an investigation to make sure that nothing has happened. If there is any kind of mistreatment going on, the earlier you can address it and stop it, the better.

3. Go On Outings

Even though your loved one may be in the home that they feel most comfortable, it doesn't mean that they don't appreciate going out. It may be hard for you to transport them places, but if you can set aside some extra time to take them out for a meal, to see grandchildren, go to a show or anything else that they might enjoy, you can really help to lift their spirits.

If you need help with the outings you might be able to ask their caregiver to come along. This will help you to ensure the aging individuals safety, while still giving them something to look forward to.

By doing these simple things you can help your loved one feel more comfortable. (For more information on in home care, contact a company such as ComForcare Home Care - Kalamazoo, MI)