3 Questions That Women With Breast Implants Often Have About Breast Cancer And Mammograms

Getting breast implants is very common of women of all ages, and seems to be getting more and more popular. While these implants are great for boosting women's self esteem and allowing them to feel more confident, the implants may also raise some questions about regular breast examinations and procedures. This article will address 3 great questions that women with breast implants often have about breast cancer and mammograms. 

Will I Still Be Able To Feel If I Have A Lump In My Breast?

While your new breasts may take a bit of time to get used to, once you do, you will definitely be able to feel if you have a lump in your breast. Some even say that it may be easier for you to feel a lump after you get your breasts in because you are more sensitive to the new feeling in your breasts. With or without breast implants, the key is going to be to feel your breasts often to see if you feel any lumps in your breasts. If you do happen to feel what you think may be a lump, play it safe and go in for a mammogram right away. 

Should I Still Get A Mammogram?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Mammograms can help to detect cancer in those with implants, but somewhat of a different procedure is going to need to be used to perform the mammogram. A technique called implant displacement views is done by pushing the implant to the back, and bringing the breast tissue forward. This allows the technician performing your mammogram to get a better x-ray of all of your breast tissue. This in turn makes it easier for them to see any abnormalities in your breast tissue, such as a tumor. 

What Can I Do To Get The Best Mammogram Possible?

In order to have the best experience possible when getting your mammogram, you need to find a clinic that has experience working with women who have breast implants. A technician who knows how to work with implants will carefully perform the mammogram using the procedures described in the previous question. Successfully moving your implant out of the way will likely provide you with more accurate results to your mammogram, because research has shown that silicone and saline implants can sometimes get in the way and can decrease your chances of finding a tumor in your breast. 

You can definitely get breast implants and still care for your breasts. Just remember to feel your breasts for lumps, get regular mammograms, and choose a clinic that is familiar with breast implant mammograms so you can have the best experience possible.