C-Sections: Are They Always Necessary?

A C-section is a surgical procedure where the doctor delivers a baby using a method to cut the mother's womb and abdomen to remove the baby instead of naturally delivering the newborn. This method has become increasingly common in recent decades for various reasons. Most often, it is because the baby is too large or a circumstance such as the umbilical cord being wrapped around the baby's neck has occurred. This article will discuss why some people think that not all c-sections are medically necessary. 

Determining Need

In most cases, the physician is the ultimate decider as to whether or not a C-section will be needed. This can be determined well before the due date, but most often it is not decided until the mother is going into labor and ready to deliver. While life saving measures are certainly understandable, some doctors decide that a C-section will be best if the mother's cervix has not dilated a certain amount over a few hours. If labor-inducing drugs are given and the mother is still not able to deliver, often doctors will determine to utilize the C-section procedure.


Since a C-section is a form of surgery, there are often risks associated with it. Some of these risks include hemorrhaging, infection, bladder damage, and pain that can last long after the baby has been delivered. Many mothers who undergo a C-section also tend to have longer and more intense postpartum depression. Some may also experience hernias after the procedure. Doctors must take into account the health of the mother and baby before deciding to perform the C-section in order to prevent serious problems from happening.


Many mothers, and even some doctors, claim that the rise in C-sections is not necessary. Often, if labor lasts for many hours, the physician may opt to perform the procedure in order to finish the birthing process and move on to the next patient. The cost to deliver a baby naturally is approximately $11,000, while a C-section can cost upwards of $20,000, so some believe profit is the motive. While it is often a necessity to perform a C-section, in many cases it is not, leading to the controversy.


Some new mothers-to-be are now opting to have a midwife assist in the delivery of their babies. This usually means that there is no means to perform a C-section, and that the baby will strictly be delivered vaginally. Others have simply decided to inform their doctor in advance of their unwillingness to undergo a C-section. While the procedure is needed in cases where either the mother or baby's life is in danger, most mothers prefer to have their children the natural way without surgery. 

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