From Deaf To Hearing: Problems And Solutions

With technology as advanced as it is, some people are now able to transition from deaf to hearing with hearing aids and hearing implants. The transition is often jarring and takes some time to get used to. There are two major problems associated with going from deaf to hearing. This article will give you the problems and then give you a quick way to get around them. 

Problem: Excess Noise. Solution: Quiet Environment

After having the hearing implant or hearing aid turned on, most people report that the sounds are too loud, that the sounds hurt their ears, and that they can't comprehend what is going on around them. With most people, this feeling disappears after a few weeks once the brain is able to understand the new signals it is receiving. For others though, this process takes longer than a few weeks. This too is normal, as the transition is very dependent on each person.

To ease this issue, you should try and stay in a quiet environment for as long as possible, so that your brain is not overloaded with new sensory information. Once you are comfortable you can start going to louder places and test how well you do with your hearing aids.

Problem: Loss of Identity. Solution: New Identity Found

Many people who were in the deaf community before they got a hearing aid or hearing implant often say that they feel like they have lost their community. Indeed, going from deaf to hearing is a big change, and not having to use American Sign Language to communicate changes how you may interact with people. The deaf community is huge and diverse, and not being a part of it anymore may be slightly jarring.

However, there are ways that you can combat this feeling. You do not have to give up all of your old groups just because you are no longer deaf. You still have the understanding of ASL and are able to communicate with people in that manner, so do so! As well, you can now branch out from where you were and broaden your spectrums. You can join musical groups, enjoy opera, and reach out into other venues that may have been harder to enjoy before you transitioned. Embrace your new abilities and enjoy them.

There you have it, the two main issues that people can have with transitioning from deaf to hearing, and what you can do to get through them! By heeding these tips, you can help to ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible.