At Home Remedies And Exercises To Relieve Foot Pain

Foot pain can be caused by all sorts of things such as bunions caused from wearing too tight of shoes or plantar fasciitis caused from too much tension on the connective tissue that runs along the length of your foot. There are stretches and exercises you can do at home to help relieve your foot pain. First and foremost though, you should see a foot specialist to get to the bottom of your foot pain and to ensure your foot injury doesn't worsen. See below for exercise tips and remedies you can do at home to relieve your aching feet.

Heel Pain

If you have pain in your heels possibly from plantar fasciitis, doing exercises such as running or aerobics can worsen this injury. Stretching your foot, calves and hamstrings will help relieve to relieve the pain. Simple stretches such as lifting the front of your foot and pressing the ball of your foot against the wall, while leaning forward into the wall will help stretch your tissue. You can also sit with your legs open and wrap a towel around your foot. Pull the towel towards you and hold it for 15 seconds. Repeat on the other side. Roll an ice cold water bottle on the under-side of your foot to help relieve pain as well.

Toe Pain

Toe pain such as bunions can be relieved by doing a few exercises according to Harvard Health. First begin by standing upright, then place a rubber band between your big toe on one foot and attaching it to the big toe on your other foot. Try to gently pull your feet away from one another to help give your toes more range of motion. You can place a can or a tennis ball between your feet to help move keep your feet apart. Try picking up small objects with your toes such as marbles to help strengthen your foot muscles.

Whatever your foot pain, there are a number of contributing factors. Things such as:

  • Wearing the wrong type of footwear. High heels, flip flops and too tight of shoes can all cause you foot pain.
  • Standing for long periods of time while wearing the wrong footwear, such as shoes without arch support or cushion.
  • Being overweight can also be a factor. Your weight will put extra strain on your feet and cause you pain.

Be sure to contact your orthopedic doctor if you are having foot pain to prevent further injury. Check for more information.