How To Deal With An Independent Medical Examination After A Workplace Accident

If you're injured at work and you file a worker's compensation claim, there's a good chance that you'll be required to get an independent medical examination before your claim is approved. This means that you'll have your injury examined by a doctor that you've seen before. It's common for people to be nervous before an independent medical exam, because the results of the exam can affect the outcome of their claim. However, as long as you're prepared for the exam, you shouldn't have to worry.

Know Your Medical History

The medical examiner will most likely have all of your medical history that's related to the accident, as well as any records that involve injuries to the same part of your body. So, you should take some time to review your past medical history. You need to be completely honest with the examiner. Don't conceal any previous injuries. Instead, explain to the doctor how your current injury is different from past injuries.

Make A List Of Your Symptoms

If you're nervous, it's easy to forget small details. However, it's important that the doctor knows about all of your symptoms. So, a few days before your exam, take some time to write down your symptoms. Be sure to include:

  • What type of pain you're having
  • The exact location of the pain
  • Ways that the injury has limited your day-to-day life

You should also list symptoms that you're experiencing that you might not think are related to the injury, such as headaches or trouble sleeping, as long as the symptom isn't normal for you.

Stick To The Facts

The medical examiner will ask you questions about your accident to make sure that the accident did happen at work. Typically, the examiner's job is to look for inconsistencies in your story. Unfortunately, if you're overly nervous it's easy to ramble, and you might sound like you're not telling the truth. You should stick to the facts and try your best to keep your answers short. Remember, the doctor examining you isn't against you. It's his or her job to remain unbiased while conducting the exam. There's no reason to be nervous.

It's common to have an independent medical exam completed after a workplace accident. It's not something that should cause you stress. As long as you review the facts of the accident, know your medical history, tell the doctor about your symptoms, there's no reason to worry. If you need more information, contact a professional like those at UMC Medical Consultants, P.C.