3 Experts Long Distance Runners Should See

Running is an excellent way to stay in shape and release stress. There are many benefits to pounding the pavement and more and more Americans are running each year. In fact, more than 19 million Americans run at least 100 days a year and more than 50 million run at least once a year. Many runners choose to only run a few miles at a time, but some train for long distances. Marathon runners and ultra-marathon runners take this hobby a step further. One issue is that running long distances can put a lot of strain on the human body. Serious runners must be extra diligent about their health. Here are 3 experts that long distance runners need to see in order to keep their bodies functioning at their optimal level.

Foot Doctor

Long distance runners spend a lot of time on their feet. A foot doctor, or a podiatrist, is something that many runners find they need after a few years of running long distances. Podiatrists can help with foot and ankle problems. They are also able to treat chronic running injuries such as runner's knee. It is also possible for them to check the wear pattern of running shoes in order to detect possible issues. If issues are found, a podiatrist can also prescribe custom orthotics in order to help with an irregular running pattern. Visit a site like http://www.westmorelandfootdoctor.com for more information on podiatrists.


Running long distances requires consuming a lot of calories. The problem is, these calories need to come from healthy, filling foods. Junk food doesn't make the cut as the main source of calories in a serious runner's diet. Getting the calories and nutrients needed to fuel the body for long distance running can be a daunting task. This is why runners should consider enlisting the help of a nutritionist. A nutritionist can help runners determine how much they need to be eating and which foods will help them reach their goals. Regulations for nutritionists vary from state to state, so runners should look for someone who is a registered dietitian (RD) or a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) in order to ensure they are seeing someone who is qualified to help.

Running Coach

Running is a solitary sport for some, while others prefer to run in groups. What many runners don't consider is getting a coach. However, finding a coach may be the right choice for runners who are trying to improve their race times. A coach offers the experience and knowledge needed in order to help a runner break through plateaus and improve their times. They also provide much needed motivation and can help a runner train harder and smarter. 

Running is more than a hobby for many people. For those who run long distances, running may require the services of multiple experts. Long distance runners should consider having a foot doctor, nutritionist, and running coach on speed dial.