How Physical Therapy Can Help After Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Patients suffering with severe hip pain usually require hip replacement surgery to regain their mobility and relieve pain. You may have hip pain due to osteoarthritis or because of a hip injury. If your doctor has advised you to have a total hip replacement, you will also need physical therapy before and after your surgery. Find out how physical therapy can help you before and after total hip replacement surgery.  

Preparing For Your Hip Replacement Procedure

Your physical therapist can help you before your hip surgery. You will learn exercises for increasing flexibility and strengthening your legs. Your therapist can help you learn how to use a cane or walker for going up and down stairs. When your physical therapist visits your home, he or she will help you make preparations for after surgery. Some of preparations you may need to make in your home before surgery include:  

  • Making a place to sleep downstairs is a good idea if your bedroom is upstairs .

  • Put up throw rugs and other obstacles in the floor that could cause you to fall after your surgery.

  • If you have items up high in cabinets or on shelves you use every day, move those items to an area that will be easy to reach.

  • Have rails and safety devices for helping you get up and down in your bathroom, like in the tub and beside your toilet.

Discuss with your friends and family about having someone stay with you until you are able to get around safely and independently after your surgery.

Physical Therapy After Your Surgery

After hip surgery, your physical therapist will visit you while you are still in the hospital. You will begin light exercises for helping to keep down stiffness in the surgical area and in your legs. You will experience some pain during your recovery that can be managed with medications. In the weeks after your surgery, your physical therapist will help to regain full range of motions in your new hip joint. Bear in mind you will not be up and walking on your own until you have undergone physical therapy. Physical therapy can help to strengthen the muscle in the area of your surgery.

The pain you may be experiencing before your hip replacement surgery can be great and cause you serious mobility problems. After hip replacement surgery, you will be able to carry out your daily activities without pain and will learn to do so with the assistance of a professional physical therapist (such as one from Eagle Center Physical Therapy).