Home Medical Equipment You Will Want For After Your Hip Replacement Surgery

When your doctor recommends to you that you get a hip replacement surgery, there are many factors that you will need to consider when scheduling your surgery. One of those factors is ensuring that you have everything you need in your home for the recovery process once you are released from the hospital and/or rehabilitation facility. It is better to get these issues taken care of before you go in for your surgery so that you do not have to stress out or worry about them after the fact. Get to know some of the home medical equipment that you will want to get in your home for your hip replacement surgery recovery and get started acquiring and installing what you need as soon as possible.

Get a Raised Toilet Seat or Commode and Side Rails Around It

One of the areas of your home that will likely give you the most trouble after your hip replacement surgery is your bathroom. As such, it will be one of the areas you want to focus on when it comes to your home preparations.

The first step is to get a toilet seat and/or commode that is raised significantly higher than a standard toilet. After you have had your hip replacement surgery, sitting down and standing up from a seated position can be challenging. And the lower the surface you will be sitting on, the more of a strain you will put on your hip.

A raised toilet seat or commode will help relieve some of that strain so that you do not have to bend as far and risk getting stuck or injuring yourself. It is also important to get temporary (or permanent) support side rails next to the toilet. These rails allow you to push yourself up more easily from a seated position and will take some of the pressure off of your hip.

Get A Lift Chair  

While it is not required after hip replacement surgery, it can be very beneficial to get yourself a lift chair to make your life easier. Lift chairs are chairs that look like standard recliners but are electrical and can actually raise up and tilt forward to assist you in getting from seated position to standing.

These chairs have variable height settings for the amount and angle of the lift that they provide so that they can suit your needs. The normal furniture that you have in your home may be comfortable under normal circumstances, but most furniture is too low to the ground or too soft to accommodate your needs after your hip has been replaced.

You need a chair that keeps your hips above your knees when you are seated and that provides you with firm support so your hip remains supported and properly aligned. This is what lift chairs are designed for. And, if you simply cannot get up on your own from a standard seated position, you can use that extra boost from the lift features in the chair to help you out.

Now that you know a few of the pieces of home medical equipment that you will want in your home for after your hip replacement surgery, you can better prepare yourself for your surgery.