Three Reasons You Should Select An ADHD Psychiatrist

If you find out that your child has ADHD, the school counselors may give you advice for the next steps on how to proceed. Many will suggest that you seek out a doctor that can prescribe medication that will help to decrease the ADHD symptoms and help increase your child's ability to concentrate in school and at home. If you are interested in helping your child in every way, it may be a good idea to take your child to an ADHD psychiatrist. Here are some reasons why. 

Find any other underlying issues

It is always possible that, along with ADHD, there may be other issues, or the initial diagnosis could be incorrect. Before you start any type of medical therapy and medication with your child, you want to confirm that the diagnosis was appropriate. A child psychiatrist or behavioral psychiatrist is the best person to tell you whether or not the diagnosis of ADHD is correct and if there are other possible problems, such as ADD, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. 

Try behavioral therapy first

If one of the reasons why your child has been diagnosed with ADHD is because of learning issues, you may need to try behavioral changes to help with the learning disability. Prior to going on ADHD medication, attempt behavioral therapy suggested by the psychiatrist. Your child's therapist may suggest putting your child on a strict routine, including for breakfast lunch, and dinner. You may also need to switch your child to a class with fewer students and fewer distractions. Trying behavioral therapy can help you determine if the medication is necessary. 

Figuring out the right dosage, if any 

If your child has ADHD and will be going on medication, it is important to have them under the watchful eye of a therapist. Children and their brains are growing and learning as they age, and life and body changes may dictate a change in medication. Some children may be able to hammer down a schedule and routine that is so good that they work well off of medication. Others may need a different dosage or a different medication altogether after they hit puberty. If you or your child decide to go off of the medication at any point and try natural medications in order to decrease medication side effects, your child's therapist is the person who can help you wean off the medication safely and create a reasonable expectation of changes.