Use Your Training As a Certified Nursing Assistant to Further Your Career as a Registered Nurse

Nursing is not only a rewarding profession from a humanitarian point of view but also something that is financially rewarding as well. You learn how to help people in need of medical care and build relationships with the sick and sometimes dying patients. Learning to be a certified nursing assistant is a positive way in which to make inroads into the profession of nursing. Later, you can pursue your education to become a licensed registered nurse. Use your CNA training as a certified nursing assistant to further your career in becoming a licensed registered nurse and learn the important roles you play while being a CNA.

Your Role As a Certified Nursing Assistant

You'll be a playing an important role working as a team member in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. As a CNA, or nursing aide, your duties will run the gamut from taking vital signs and documenting the measurements to helping patients who have mobility needs. You'll also give medication and help patients with their bathing and eating needs, among other vital services. So why should you begin your ultimate goal of becoming a registered nurse by training to be a CNA?

Certified Nursing Assistant Benefits

You have the advantage of being eligible to obtain tuition-fee grants to study nursing after you become a certified nursing assistant. Your job gives you access to higher pay and training once you complete CNA training in programs that last approximately 6 to 12 weeks. You can receive your training from a local Red Cross facility as well a vocational school. These facilities often prepare you for your certification exams. Some training programs even offer you employment after your training in exchange for your agreeing to work in their organization. You have options to work in different medical facilities.

Different Medical Specialties

You have the option of working as a CNA in Alzheimer's facilities or working in nursing homes with the elderly. You can also work in pediatric hospitals with children. All of these facilities give you the opportunity of interacting with not only patients but also doctors, nurses, and administrators. During all that time, you'll be gaining practical experience that will help you make the decision to pursue your nursing-education goal.

Your CNA Skills

You also can decide, from working as a nurse's aide, which specialty in nursing you like best. As a standout CNA professional, you can impress a nursing school, which you will apply to later on, with the skills you've accumulated working as a certified nursing assistant. You'll prove to the decision makers at the nursing school that you know what a nursing job demands and that you are qualified to enter the field of nursing with a view to becoming a licensed registered nurse.

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