Why A Port Wine Stain Should Be Removed From A Child Immediately

Port wine stains are birthmarks that typically occur on a child's face. They can be quite red, dark, and large. For many children, these birthmarks are very traumatic and cause a lot of emotional difficulty. Why are these birthmarks so traumatic and how can surgery help?

Why These Birthmarks Can Be Traumatic

When children are young, they are prone to feeling very awkward about their visual appearance. This fact is especially true if they suffer from visible birthmarks that may separate them from their peers. Getting teased about a birthmark at a young age can be a traumatic experience that creates a lot of emotional pain in a child's life.

The frustrating thing about these birthmarks, and what likely cause children the most pain, is that they can seen seem like a permanent problem. Children may not understand that they can be removed.

That Trauma Can Be Life Changing

Some parents may think that their children are just being overly sensitive about their appearance or the remarks of a few children. This belief ignores the feelings those parents probably had if they were ever teased for their appearance. Being teased for something out of a child's control, such as a port wine stain, can cause trauma that can change a child's life.

For example, it could cause a lifelong lack of self-esteem that decreases their ambition and stalls their progress in life. As a result, it is important to get surgery to remove a port wine stain. This type of surgery is something that can be done early in the child's development.

Surgery Is Usually Done Early

Surgery for port wine stains is usually done when the child is very young. Early surgery helps keep the birthmark from becoming larger and more prominent. However, if the birthmark was allowed to spread, it is still possible to get surgery. This treatment method consists of using lasers to break up the blood vessels that cause this problem in the face.

While laser surgery is not a painful treatment, it can be an uncomfortable or annoying one for many children. Talking to them about this discomfort is a good first step in getting them ready. It is then a good idea to focus on the ways it will eliminate the birthmark quickly and efficiently.

By now, it should be obvious that a port wine stain is relatively easy to treat. It should also be clear that a child's life is improved by the procedure. As a result, parents who are worried about their child's mental health development need to get this type of surgery done ASAP.