When To Visit A Walk-In Clinic Instead Of Your Regular Doctor

Walk-in clinics offer convenient medical help for minor issues -- but many doctors' offices have a few time slots reserved for same-day appointments. So why bother with a walk-in clinic where you might not see the same people when you come in? You do want to have consistent care whenever possible, and seeing your primary care provider is usually preferable. However, there are times when going to a walk-in clinic is the better choice.


The big reason, which also serves as the main reason for the existence of walk-in clinics, is that you can't get an appointment with your regular doctor. Maybe the same-day appointments are all filled, or your doctor doesn't offer them. That's the best reason to head to a walk-in clinic. If you have an infection or need to get something like a test or a vaccination quickly, a walk-in clinic can see you. You may need an appointment (despite the name), but even those are a lot easier to get at these clinics because the types of conditions treated don't take up that much appointment time.

Shorter Travel Time

If you're really not feeling well, you want to get help as quickly as possible. If your doctor's office is across town but there's a walk-in clinic at the nearby shopping center, that clinic may be a safer choice just because you won't have to drive as far. When you're really hurt or ill, the shorter the travel time, the better.

Easily Available Pricing

Sometimes people don't have insurance, for whatever reason, or maybe they have insurance that doesn't cover a lot until they meet a ridiculous deductible. If you're facing financial circumstances that make a visit to your regular doctor, and even an urgent-care center, too expensive, go to a walk-in clinic. These clinics are usually much cheaper than the other two options, and it's a lot easier to find prices for tests and visits on the clinic's website.

In fact, these clinics can be a relief for many people who are not able to seek care from their doctors due to copay and coinsurance costs. While many insurance plans offer a visit or two that are free or low cost, others reserve the free/low-cost visits for specific well-person checkups. If you're stuck with one of those plans, go to a walk-in clinic. Not only are the prices less expensive, but many take insurance or give receipts that you can send to your insurance -- and count toward your deductible. So while you may still have to pay, you pay less, and what you do pay still goes toward the deductible.

Find a few walk-in clinics near you and start comparing services and prices. It's good to have a few options for fast care. These clinics can be a very good addition to your roster of health care avenues. For more information, contact a local clinic like MED7 Urgent Care Center