Are You Planning a Cremation Service at Your Home?

Did somebody very close to you recently pass away? Did he or she choose to be cremated? If so, you might have chosen to have the deceased person's funeral service right in your own home. Perhaps you have all the plans made already. Or, you might still be in the planning stage of the cremation service. If that's the case, from arranging the cremation service to creating a visual display of the deceased person's life, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Cremation Service

When a person chooses to be cremated, one thing that is obviously very different from a traditional funeral is that there is nobody to say farewell to. Consider how you can bring that person's presence into the funeral service. Since you are having the service at your house, that probably means that there are only close friends and family members present, right? If that's the case, consider inviting those in attendance to share memories of times spent with the deceased person. Choose one person, probably yourself, to start the spoken part of the service and then to end it. 

What kind of music did the deceased person enjoy? For example, did he or she love guitar or violin music? If so, think of inviting a guitarist or a violinist ahead of time to play the deceased person's favorite songs. That person might even be a friend or a family member who will be attending the service. 

The Visual Display 

Arranging a visual display of things that the deceased person loved is another way to make his or her presence felt at the cremation service. Think of displaying photographs of the deceased person from the time of his or her birth until the present day. Don't forget family pictures. Part of the display might include things that demonstrate his or her interests. For example, if the person who passed away loved stamp collecting, have a stamp book as part of the display. If he or she loved to travel, objects that he or she bought while on trips could also be displayed.

Another idea for a visual display is to invite those who attend to bring something that reminds him or her of the person who died. For example, one person might bring a golf club. He or she could then share memories of golfing together with the person who passed away. Another person might bring a gift he or she received from the person who died, with the story of how thoughtful he or she was.

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