Tips For Success On An Eat-Anything Diet

Some diets eliminate certain food groups. Others are even more restrictive and tell you exactly what foods to eat. And then, there are the eat-anything diets. These don't put any exact restrictions on what foods you eat, although they may specify how many calories you can eat or make general recommendations for portion sizes. At first, an eat-anything diet may sound like a recipe for failure, but done right, these diets often do lead to weight loss. The following tips are important to follow if you want to succeed on an eat-anything diet.

Say goodbye to "cheat days."

On more restrictive diets, people often take cheat days where they ignore the diet's rules and eat anything they want. But on an eat-anything diet, you really need to eliminate cheat days. If you're already occasionally eating treats since the plan does not prohibit them, you don't need a whole day dedicated to eating those treats — and taking such a day will probably sabotage your diet more than it will help it along. With an eat-everything diet, you aim for moderation, each and every day.

Don't let yourself stay off the wagon for too long.

Even though you are allowed to eat anything, there are bound to be days when you overdo it on foods that you know are too high in calories. When this happens, don't let yourself get too bogged down in self-doubt. Don't tell yourself that you have failed. Instead, try again better the next day. An occasional bad day won't stop you from succeeding. Just make sure that you keep trying to stick with the plan.

Always have healthy stuff on-hand. 

Part of the appeal of this diet is that you don't have to ban chocolate, cookies, or your other favorite sweet foods and treats from your home completely. However, in order to keep yourself making smarter choices, you need to have the foods on-hand to enable you to make those smart choices. Don't let your supply of fruits and veggies fall too low. And keep several varieties of fruits and veggies on hand at all times so you always feel like you have a selection.

Eat-anything diets can be really helpful for people who need to lose weight. The lack of restrictions can make these diets easier to follow, and if you adhere to the tips above, you should find success. Contact a service that assists with eat-anything diets for more information.