Benefits of Minimally Invasive Spinal Injury

When you have back pain, you may need back surgery as a form of treatment. Your doctor may recommend spinal surgery if you've got a serious back problem that medicine and therapy haven't been able to cure. Spine problems such as scoliosis, broken vertebra, spine tumors, infected spines, and contraction of the spinal canal may require surgery.

The standard spinal surgery method is known as open surgery. Here, doctors create a long cut at the back and spread or remove the tissues and muscle to create access to the spine. There is a risk of damaging tissues and muscle during the surgery, possibly resulting in paralysis. If you're considering a spine operation, you should consider minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS). With MISS, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Reduced Risk of Tissue and Muscle Damage

MISS makes use of smaller cuts than open surgery. The surgeon creates a small cut and introduces a tubular retractor to access the problematic spine part. The device is tube-like and separates the soft tissues and muscles, gently reducing the risk of damage. The surgeon then places surgery tools such as scalpels through the passageway and works on the spine. The spine specialists also use advanced operating microscopes during surgery to get real-time spine images.

Improved Cosmetic Results

Minimally invasive spine surgery has better cosmetic outcomes than open surgery. And that's because of the small incisions that surgeons make. These cuts can be a few millimeters long, depending on the types of spinal problems you have. That means that only a small area will have a post-surgery scar.

Faster Post-Surgery Recovery

When you undergo MISS, you are likely to recover faster than a patient that underwent open surgery. And the reason is that the incisions are small, resulting in less bleeding and tissue damage. However, the healing speed depends on your body's response to the surgery and the extent of your spinal problem. Overall, the recovery time for MISS is usually shorter than that of open surgery.

Outpatient Treatment

It's possible to have special MISS surgeries, such as lumbar fusion, as outpatient treatment. That means that you can undergo surgery and leave the hospital. You can then recuperate at home in the care of your loved ones. Besides, outpatient surgeries will save you from high hospital bills.

Minimally invasive spine surgery comes with numerous benefits such as fast recovery, better cosmetic outcomes, and reduced muscular tissue damage risk. If you have spine problems that require surgery, consider MISS.