Think Your Child Has ADHD? Signs That They Do And Treatment Options To Help Them

There are over 6 million children that have been diagnosed with ADHD. If you think your child has ADHD there are many different symptoms that you can watch for. If your child does get diagnosed with this condition know that there are many treatment options to help them. Keep reading to learn more.

ADHD Symptoms

Having problems paying attention to people is a common symptom of ADHD. Your child may overlook things while they are doing homework and not do the homework accurately. You may notice they are ignoring you when you speak or lose the conversation in the middle. Playing games may be difficult for them as they may not hold their concentration long enough to finish what they started. If you read your child a book, they may lose interest before you finish.

Problems with organizing anything is another symptom. For example, they may have a messier room than is normal, and their homework may be very disorganized. Your child may try to avoid doing schoolwork or anything else they would have to concentrate on for a long period. 

Being overly hyper is another side to ADHD. Even if your child gets little sleep, they will still have a lot of energy. This energy can be hard to deal with for parents and any caretaker. It is common for children to become high energy but the hyperactivity with children that have ADHD is much worse. 

ADHD Treatment

There is ADHD therapy available for your child. The therapist will be certified to work with children who have this condition. The type of therapy used will determine how severely your child has ADHD. 

Hyperactivity is a common form of ADHD for children to have. The least common type of ADHD is hyperactive and impulsive behaviors, as well as general ADHD symptoms listed above. There is another type of ADHD that has no hyperactivity at all. 

If your child is found to have ADHD there are medications they can take to help with their symptoms. Your child's doctor will decide what medication is the best. This can be a trial and error, however, because one type of medication may not work well for your child, but another type will work great to alleviate their symptoms. Using medication along with ADHD therapy will give your child a great chance to get better.

Talk with the therapist to learn more about ADHD treatment options. They can give you much more information about ADHD so you can help your child at home.