2 Reasons To Go To Physical Therapy

When you are trying to deal with an injury that has caused you a lot of pain, you want to do everything you can so that you just stop hurting. When you see your doctor, they can give you a lot of solutions. One of the suggestions that your doctor may give you is that you get physical therapy. Your doctor has several reasons why sending you to physical therapy is a good thing. 

Range of Motion

One of the reasons that your doctor will send you to physical therapy is that it can help with your range of motion. When you are in pain, you try to not use the part that hurts. So, you tend to only use it to the extent that it doesn't hurt. Instead of extending your arm all the way and bending it up to your shoulder, you mostly leave it at a 90°, straightening or bending it just a little bit. It doesn't really hurt your elbow to move it that little, but as you stop moving your elbow as much, you start to lose your range of motion. When you go to physical therapy, the therapist will test to see what your range of motion is, and then give you exercises that will help you regain that range of motion. 

Pain Control

Dealing with the pain can just be frustrating and tiring. The longer you are in pain, the more tired of it you are and the more you feel like it will never go away. Physical therapy can help with the pain. One reason for that is that moving the painful area can help increase the blood flow to and from the area. That blood flow will help to lower inflammation in the area, which can be a part of the cause of your pain. PT can also help to strengthen the area around the painful area. Strengthening the muscles around that area will help take the stress off the painful area, which is going to reduce your pain level. 

If you are dealing with chronic pain or pain from an injury, you just want it to stop. You can go see your doctor to get some suggestions as to what you can do to deal with the pain. One suggestion that you should definitely take advantage of is going to physical therapy. It can help you in a lot of ways.