Things To Expect In A Hot Stone Massage

Booking a massage therapy appointment can be a nice treat at any time of the year, but there are certain types of massage that can especially be appealing when the weather is cold. One popular option is hot stone massage, which is not only relaxing but also helps to warm you up. Hot stone massage involves smooth stones of different sizes that your therapist warms in water and then uses on your body. The result can be a completely different sensation than what you're used to, and you may find that you're eager to book another hot stone massage soon. Here are three things to expect when you have a hot stone massage.

Massage With Stones

When you have a standard massage, your therapist will use their fingers, hands, and elbows to put pressure on your muscles. In a hot stone massage, you can expect that they'll also use large, smooth stones. It's a different feeling to have them treat your tired and sore muscles with warm stones, and you'll appreciate the soothing feeling that you experience. While many massage therapists still use their hands during a hot stone massage, a lot of the treatment will involve them treating your muscles with the stones.

Stationary Stones

Your massage therapist will also place stones on your body in various areas without massaging you with them. For example, they might place a stone in your hand while they treat your back. As you relax, the warmth of the stone in your hand will feel good and may even help you to feel more relaxed. A therapist who specializes in hot stone massage has stones in many different sizes. They may even place small stones between your toes for a soothing sensation.

Swapped Stones

Throughout the massage session, your therapist will constantly be swapping old stones for new ones. For example, if they've placed a specific stone in a certain area of your body, that stone will eventually lose its heat and thus not be as effective as a hot stone. As it cools down, your therapist will remove it and gently replace it with another stone that is much warmer, which will continue to help you relax. You might be impressed at how the therapist is constantly swapping stones as they treat you. If you're interested in a hot stone massage, during the winter or at any time of the year, look online to find a local therapist.

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