Two Reasons Your Depression Medication Isn’t Working

It often takes great effort to reach out for help with depression, so it can be soul-crushingly disappointing when the medication prescribed doesn't work and you still feel terrible after months of effort. Although you may feel like giving up, it's important to stay the course and continue looking for solutions to your problem. Here are two reasons your depression medication might not be working and what to do about it. Read More 

Are You Planning a Cremation Service at Your Home?

Did somebody very close to you recently pass away? Did he or she choose to be cremated? If so, you might have chosen to have the deceased person's funeral service right in your own home. Perhaps you have all the plans made already. Or, you might still be in the planning stage of the cremation service. If that's the case, from arranging the cremation service to creating a visual display of the deceased person's life, here are some ideas that might help you. Read More 

Is Your Child Worried? 3 Ways To Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety

If your child suffers from anxiety, you need to get them help as soon as possible. Anxiety can wreak havoc on a child's life, especially if they don't understand what's happening to them. Here are some steps you need to take to help your child overcome the anxiety that's taking hold of their life. Make Sure Their Basic Needs are Met If your child is suffering from debilitating anxiety, the first thing you need to do is make sure that their basic needs are being met. Read More 

Three Perks Of Using Cannabis Cream For Pain Relief

Cannabis is an effective product for treating many different types of pain, and one of the benefits of choosing this type of treatment is that you can consume cannabis in a multitude of ways. Some people prefer to smoke this substance to manage pain, while others prefer taking edible cannabis. One delivery method that you may not yet have considered is cannabis cream. It's available in both CBD and THC varieties, meaning that you can find cream that is either not psychoactive or that is psychoactive. Read More 

When To Visit A Walk-In Clinic Instead Of Your Regular Doctor

Walk-in clinics offer convenient medical help for minor issues -- but many doctors' offices have a few time slots reserved for same-day appointments. So why bother with a walk-in clinic where you might not see the same people when you come in? You do want to have consistent care whenever possible, and seeing your primary care provider is usually preferable. However, there are times when going to a walk-in clinic is the better choice. Read More