How To Treat Hip Pain Caused By Rheumatoid Arthritis

You should never dismiss hip pain as just a normal part of aging. The hips allow you to walk, sit down, run, bend over and move your legs in different directions. If your hip joints are causing you discomfort, then it can affect your everyday life. Read on to find out how to treat hip pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Understand The Severity Of The Discomfort The hip connects your torso to your leg. Read More 

Reasons That Laser Hair Removal Is The Best Choice For Your Bikini Line

If you're a woman who is concerned about the look of her bikini line as beach season approaches, you may be evaluating different methods of hair removal. While there are several strategies that you can employ in the privacy of your home, including waxing and shaving, another idea to consider is laser hair removal. Some women may initially feel a little uncomfortable about having a spa or clinic employee working on this part of their body, but you should try to put this feeling aside and consider the value of this type of treatment for this part of your body. Read More 

Tips For Getting Used To Your New Prosthetic Foot

If you are about to receive your first prosthetic foot, you might not be fully aware of just what it is that you can expect. The more you know about what to expect and how you can easily get used to having it, the quicker you will adjust to having it. To do that, you will want to learn about the following information: Know The Signs Of A Prosthetic That Doesn't Fit Right Read More 

Shoulder Replacement A Year Ago And Hurting? 2 Tips To Help You Manage Pain

If you had a shoulder replacement a year ago it is normal to feel some pain for a year or two after the surgery. This is especially true while you lift your arm or use it in an awkward way. If you are having this problem, there are things you can do to help you manage the pain, two of which are listed below. Visit a Pain Clinic Talk to your doctor about sending you to a pain clinic. Read More 

Skin Cancer Treatment Options

If you have had a mole or other suspicious spot biopsied to check for skin cancer, the wait for the laboratory results can be maddening. While most people get the good news they hoped for, some are not so lucky. Being diagnosed with skin cancer can be scary, but thankfully, the majority of the time skin cancers are caught before they have spread. Here is a look at what you can expect for treatment. Read More